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The SQLBooster is open for downloading now!

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Note: 3 simple steps to get a free full license!

  1. Download the latest version of SQLBooster, get a free trial license;
  2. Use SQLBooster to tune your SQL;
  3. Write a blog about your tuning, and sent the blog URL to sqlfast@gmail.com




SQLBooster is a user friendly visualized SQL tuning tool. It can help the developer/DBA quickly spot the performance bottleneck of the SQL.
The user do not need to have DBA knowledge. SQLBooster can collect all necessary information at the back end, and show the analyze result in a visualized way. The user can also parse and break a complex SQL to a SQL Tree, then analyze the subqueries one by one, to find out which part is the bottleneck of the larege SQL.
SQLBooster can also help user quickly find the long-runing SQLs, the top SQLs or locking/blocking tree.