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Please refer to this document if you have any quesion on using this software.

Login Database

How to login the database: http://www.SQLFast.com/documents/login.html

Running A SQL

How to run a sql: http://www.SQLFast.com/documents/run_sql.html

Check Session List and Long Running SQLs

How to get the session list and long running SQLs: http://www.SQLFast.com/documents/session_list.html

Top Event

How to get top wait events in the database: http://www.SQLFast.com/documents/top_event.html


How to get top SQLs in the database: http://www.SQLFast.com/documents/top_sql.html

Top Session

How to get top sessions in the database: http://www.SQLFast.com/documents/top_session.html

Blocking Tree

How to get locking&blocking session tree in the database: http://www.SQLFast.com/documents/blocking_tree.html

SQL Details

How to get the performance details of a SQL: http://www.SQLFast.com/documents/sql_details.html

Tuning SQL

How to analyze the performance bottleneck of a SQL and then tune it: http://www.SQLFast.com/documents/analyze_sql.html


Miscellaneous of this software: http://www.SQLFast.com/documents/misc.html

Customized Report

How to create and run a customized report: http://www.SQLFast.com/documents/CustomizedReport.html

Get License Key

How to get a free unlimited trial license or purchase a full license: http://www.SQLFast.com/documents/get_license_key.html

Real SQL Tuning Cases