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This document will illustrate how to create and use a cusomized report.

Create Customized Report

To create a cutomized report, you need to create subforder named "CustomReprots" under the folder where SQLBooster is installed.

Then, you will create a SQL script file with extention ".sql" under this subfolder to contain your report.

In the script, you can use either a single SQL statement or a PLSQL block. And you are also allowed to use any bind variables.

Run a Customized Report

To run a customized report, click "..." button. It will pop up the cumtomized report window.


You can either select a reprot from the dropdown list, or input the report name directly, it will automatically help you to choose the one with most similar name. Click the report name or input return, the report will be submitted to run.

If your report requires bind variable inputs, it will pop up a window for you to set a value for all variables.


If your variables need different values, just click Cancel to input individual values for those variables.

Click OK, the report will run and return the result.

If you want the report to be refreshed automatically, tick "AutoRefresh" box, then input a interval value.