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Login Database

How to login database:

To analyze the SQL, you need to provide 2 accounts to login the database. The first one is the user can execute the target SQL, while the second one is the one has the privileges to monitor and anzlyze the target SQL, whom we call Monitoring User. The monitoring user should have the privilege to query the fixed views, such as v$session, v$sql and so on. You may use a DBA user as the monitoring user.

To login the database, click File->New, or click the "New" button on the toolbar. It will popup the login windows shown as below

User Session

You need to provide the login information the user to execute the target SQL. 

DB Name

DB Name is the connection information of the target database. It could be either one of below strings.

  1. TNSNAME alias: The alias name in your tnsnames.ora file. For example, prod1
  2. Full TNS string: Full tns string of a tns name. For example, (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = dbhost.company.com)(PORT = 1521)) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVER = DEDICATED) (SERVICE_NAME = prod1.company.com)))
  3. Simple connect string: A connect string with the format <hostname>[:<port>]/<service_name>. For example: dbhost.company.com:1521/prod1.company.com

User Name

The user can execute the target SQL. Normally, it could be user using by your application to connect the database.


Password of the application user.

as sysdba

Tick it if the user is a sysdba user. Otherwise, leave it unticked.


Monitoring Session 

Same as user session

Tick it if the mornitoring user is same as the applciation user.

User Name

The user have the privileges to analyze and monitor the target SQL, ideally, it is the dba user.


Password of the monitoring user.

as sysdba

Tick it if the user is a sysdba user. Otherwise, leave it unticked.


Save session info

Tick it if you want the connection information to be remembered. It will be saved once the connectiong is built successfully. And you will be able to select the existing login connection from the dropdown list.


Connect to Database


Click "Connect" once you make suer all inputs are correct. It will popup a message if it encounter any problem. Otherwise, the login window will be disappearred.